deegree.PRO – the open-source spatial data infrastructure

deegree.PRO is deegree, but with significantly more functions. .

It additionally contains:

• a web-based administration interface
• Role-based user rights management to protect the use of the services
• Sensors for monitoring system availability
• Tools to guarantee Cyber Security as well as reporting and billing tools.

deegree is Open Source. deegree.PRO is tied to a specific performance promise.

Open Source Software is free software and may be used by anyone anytime. Unfortunately, it is also free, when it comes to warranty claims, bugfixing and maintenance.
deegree.PRO is different. It comes with a clear value proposition: The grit GmbH takes responsibility for the error-free operation of deegree.PRO. It takes care of the software maintenance and provides bugfixes and software updates. And it assists in case of problems: Users of deegree.PRO are entitled to immediate support, pre-defined contact persons and response times.

deegree.PRO has been developed for professional use. Spatial Data infrastructures require matching components in order to feature high performance and comply to BSI standards. Therefore, deegree.PRO comes with the system environment necessary for its operation, in particular database, Java runtime environment, web server and operating system. These elements are also part of the value proposition.

And who is going to use it?

deegree.PRO has been developed for organizations,
• which operate geodata infrastructures in a data processing centre
• whose geodata infrastructures must be highly available
• who attach great importance to the security of their geodata infrastructures
These organizations work in a professional environment and expect their software to meet with high demands to stability and security.

Containerized spatial infrastructure

For data centers, the container technology came at the right time: By simply “ shelving“ the software, small-scale processes are eliminated, so considerably less expert knowledge is required in terms of individual software installation. deegree.PRO was adapted at an early stage so that it can be delivered to customers packaged in containers, where it is installed via download. This reduces the effort required for each update to a minimum. For the users, grit GmbH and its employees are available to close any knowledge gaps. 

Kontakt: Brit Schnegelsberg

Dr. Brit Schnegelsberg

is your contact for deegree.PRO.